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Business Executives

In addition to our services for individuals and families, we offer support for the unique needs of business executives. Not only do you need to protect and grow your own wealth, but your company and employees need to be cared for as well. Our holistic business strategies are aimed at both serving you and the business you’ve built.

Our specialized advice can be of great benefit to closely held businesses and their owners. Often earning a high income, these individuals need assistance and strategies to keep more of what they earn through tax liability reduction strategies, such as alternative investments and a cash balance plan for retirement.

Less tax means more money for your business today and your retirement in the future. And for your retirement, we can help you transition your business to the next generation through a customized business succession plan or assist in developing a tax-efficient strategy to sell your business.

Your employees also deserve to retire on their own terms. We can give advice on your employer-sponsored retirement plan to help ensure your plan and the investment options available are right for your staff.

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