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Who We Serve

At Hammack & Bales Financial Group we focus on and specialize in serving the complex needs of the successful and the affluent: high income and high net worth individuals, families, and business executives.

We want to meet and work with:

  • People who have achieved a high level of success in life:
    • Business executives
      • Active and retired
    • Professionals
      • Medical
      • Legal
      • Actuarial
      • Accountancy
      • Architectural
      • Engineering
      • Technology
      • Sciences
      • Real Estate
      • Manufacturing
      • Construction
      • Authors & Artists
      • Actors & Musicians
      • Athletes
    • Family-owned businesses
    • Entrepreneurs from all backgrounds
    • Anyone seeking a financial mentor and partner

We serve busy individuals, families, and professionals who may not have the time to consider the ways in which every aspect of their lives can be affected by their investment and wealth management strategies.

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